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Video Game Design

Nafees has always loved playing video games and from an early age has wanted to create one himself. In middle school, Nafees taught himself simple coding using sites like Khan Academy. In 10th grade, Nafees tried his hand at Unity, a video game making program, and created the game presented on the right. It's a simple game that parodies the popular video game, Angry Birds, as the player's objective is to launch a bird to destroy a set of monsters. Nafees hopes to continue learning how to make video games but he no longer is interested in coding anymore.

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walking cycle.gif


Nafees has always been intrigued by animation and has recently been interested in learning more about how to animate. Ever since watching Disney movies as a child, Nafees has been captivated by the very idea of drawing a moving character similar to those in cartoons. The GiF on the left is Nafees's first-ever animation. It's a simple walk cycle ran at 24 frames per second created using a program called Krita.

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3D Modeling

Nafees is interested in 3D modeling and animation along with 2D animation. He made the donut on the right using a program called Blender.

completed donut level 1.png
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