Throughout high school, Nafees has been involved in a variety of extracurriculars


Class Council

Class Vice President

Nafees was elected the Vice President of his Class Council. Nafees raises funds for the Class of 2022 and organizes events such as Prom and the Class Field Trip. Below are some examples of campaign material that Nafees made when running for Junior and Senior Class Council.

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA Board of Education Representative

Nafees became a member of the Student Government Association executive committee in 11th grade and participated in student dialogues with the principal to discuss remote schedules and its effect on mental health. He also helped create a student climate survey. In 12th grade, Nafees became the SGA BOE representative and helped represent the student body on the district level. Below are some of the campaign materials Nafees made.


National Honors Society

Nafees joined the National Honors Society (NHS) in his junior year. He was elected as chapter treasurer in his senior year. Through NHS, Nafees helped raise funds for the annual scholarship, tutor students who were struggling academically, and dedicate time to service work.

NHS certification.PNG

National English Honors Society

Nafees was a member of the National English Honors Society in 11th and 12th grade. He held the title of Co-President and helped facilitate events such as the Spelling Bee, Poetry Slam, and the induction ceremony.


Interact Club

Nafees joined interact club in his junior year and was appointed treasurer in his senior year. Through interact, Nafees helped collect donations for various food drives, raised funds for charity, and worked on multiple different service projects that benefited the community.


Model UN

Nafees joined Model United Nations (MUN) in ninth grade and has participated in many conferences since then. Nafees won an award for outstanding delegate 2020 at MWMUNC, best delegate 2021 at the MWMUNC, and best delegate at BTMUNC. In addition, he's also chaired multiple committees at FAIRMUNC (Fair Lawn Model UN Conference).Below are links to the position papers, resolution papers, and delegate guides Nafees wrote.


FairMUNC 2021 
Court of King Edward III
Special Committee
[Delegate Guide]

MWMUN 2021
General Assembly
[Resolution Paper]

BTMUN 2021
General Assembly
[Resolution Paper]

FairMUNC 2020
General Assembly 
[Delegate Guide]

MWMUN 2021
[Position Paper]

BTMUN 2021
[Position Paper]

AMUN 2019
[Position Paper]

MWMUN 2020
[Position Paper]


Environmental Club

Nafees was a member of the environmental club since 11th grade. Below is his NJ Science Day proposal on what Fair Lawn could do to tackle climate change. Nafees won that competition and was commemorated at an awards ceremony. In addition, Nafees acted as the high school representative to the Fair Lawn Green Team Committee and helped facilitate many different environmentally friendly initiatives in Fair Lawn.



Nafees has been a member of the Fair Lawn High School Future Business Leaders of America club since 9th grade. He has participated in competitions and attended workshops on leadership and employment. He earned 4th place at the North Jersey Regional Competition for Personal Financial Literacy. In addition, Nafees learned about scholarship opportunities,


Student Tech Squad

Nafees joined Student Tech Squad in ninth grade and has been apart of the club ever since. He contributed in setting up bake sales and the Super Smash Bros Tournament.  He also helped build a computer that was was donated to the Fair Lawn High School Library.


French Honors Society

Nafees became a member of French Honors Society (SHF) in 10th grade. In SHF, Nafees tutored others, designed t-shirts, and created francophone related presentations for French week. On the right is a video Nafees created about the history of France for French week 2021.

emt club.PNG

EMT Club

Nafees has been apart of EMT club since 9th grade. He became the secretary of the club in 11th grade and helped organize guest speaker events and mask sales. Additionally, he shared medicine related resources and opportunities with the rest of the club.


Academic Decathlon

Nafees participated in the US Academic Decathlon Competition both during junior and senior year of high school. He won bronze place for economics and social studies in 2021 and . Below is a picture of the Fair Lawn high school 2021 Academic Decathlon Team


Science Honors Society

Nafees has been a member of the FLHS Science Honors Society (SNHS) since 11th grade. In addition to tutoring, he also helped run the high school planetarium during events. In 12th grade, he ran for an officer position and created a campaign video.


Community Service

Fair Lawn Senior Center

Nafees helped seniors in his town by assisting the Fair Lawn Senior Center and its operations. Nafees had to set up and clean up the building, call bingo, and hand out meals to seniors. He also helped alleviate mental stress by talking and listening to their stories. Nafees has 115 community service hours logged working there.

senior center.webp

Valley Hospital

Nafees worked at the Valley Hospital laboratory and had to receive and analyze specimens before delivering them to their respective departments. Nafees has a total of 72 community service hours registered with the Valley hospital

Millions Reasons Tutoring

Nafees is a tutor for Million Reasons Tutoring. He has helped many different students with their homework and has tutored them in history, science, math, and English. Nafees has worked with students from kindergarten all the way to students studying for their GED test. Nafees has about 50 hours clocked in there. 

million reasons.png
download (2).png

Fair Lawn Recreation Department 
FL Rotary Club

Nafees volunteered on the weekends to help students with disabilities in playing recreational sports and games. Over the course of the whole program, Nafees earned 40 hours.

Fair Lawn High School (FLHS)

Nafees has helped run tours of the high school for new students since 11th grade. In 2021, he also ran tours for students in 9th and 10th grade who had been quarantined for the whole year. In total, Nafees dedicated about 15 hours to giving tours at FLHS.